Saturday, January 12, 2013

Progress Monitoring in Science

Progress monitoring in general is difficult for all teachers. There's really no easy way of doing it or organizing it. Especially for 5,000 different learning targets and even more especially when you have 72 kids. I struggle with maintaining a good progress monitoring system {DAILY.} I write notes that I keep in a binder, I have notebooks, I tried printing out individual pages and keeping up with those...they are all difficult to manage! It's just always a work in progress, but definitely necessary to make sure your kids are getting what you are trying to teach them.

For my human body study, we have LOTS to learn. And everyone needs to learn all of it eventually, even though we are taking turns learning about the different systems. They will be responsible for teaching one another about the system they learned, but I still have to do my job in making sure that they are learning the right stuff. I created some very basic Progress Monitoring sheets for each human body system {circulatory, respiratory, immune, digestive, muscular/skeletal, and nervous} and wanted to share in hopes that it would help another teacher out there that struggles with this as much as I do!! They aren't beautiful {I really hate that!} - but I think they are efficient, which really, when it comes to PM, that's all that matters! Here's a preview, but click here to download this freebie.

I hope this helped! I'm sorry it's not something cute. Maybe next Friday, I'll link up something cuter. :)

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