Sunday, January 27, 2013

MORE Human Body!

I can't get enough. I love teaching this stuff and I'll be so sad when this unit ends. Boo-hoo. I am working on different ways to sneak in assessments without freaking out my kids with tests. One of the things I worked on tonight was a Writing Menu that will allow me to see what they have learned by incorporating a little writing into the mix. Students will be able to choose from this list of lovely writing activities and I know I will have fun grading this stuff. MUCH better than grading standard tests. Wee!!

I am providing students with self-created pamphlets on nutrition and exercise and I will also have books available for them to browse through. Other than that, they will use their creativity to come up with answers to the menu item of their choice. I dolled it up with a fancy "menu" look:

Click the pic to get the freebie from TpT. You can put this in front of your room on the projector or you could print copies for each student.

Hope you can find use for this activity in your classroom!

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