Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am happy, happy, happy that I can finally announce this publicly! I am so excited to announce that I am moving back to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and I am transitioning from a 5th grade departmentalized science teacher to a 1st grade self container teacher at a private school there!

I CANNOT WAIT!! We are closing on our house THIS FRIDAY {HOLY. MOLY!!!} And we are set to move on May 31. Talk about a tonofstufftodoinashortperiodoftime. Geez o' pete. I am finishing out my school year, where my 5th grade friends have just started their science fair project work. And I cannot wait to post about that, because the ideas that were coming out of my 10 year-olds today were ah-mazing. Once we get knee-deep into that, I will snap some pics and post away to share with my bloggy friends (if I still have any left after this year of non-posts. Ugh.)

In addition to my move {packing the house, barf}, my last few weeks of school, chasing around my adorable, sweet, very mobile 1 year-old daughter, and hanging with my main squeeze, I am frantically trying to get myself mentally prepared to teach 1st grade. That is a HUGE shift. Fifth to first?! Am I nuts?!

Lucky for me, I have always envisioned myself as a self-contained teacher {though I have truly embraced the science teacher position and LOVED every second of it} - and I already have a theme. For those of you that don't know - I have another blog {that I have TOTALLY neglected over the past 2 years} - but kept up because I knew in my heart of hearts I wouldn't be teaching science forever. It's called the Circus of Learning {it's hideous right now. don't judge.} and I am going to re-vamp it and renew it this summer. Along with my blog, I am busy every single night pumping out some very cute carnival/circus themed decor. Not that circus crap you see on the backs of Wal-Mart shelves with very outdated, musty looking yellow and red colors, but very bold, cute and FUN {not scary clown stuff} circus/carnival decor. I have a TON of stuff going on -

  •  Alphabet Mini Posters that you can actually already get in my TpT shop
  •  Supply labels - that will include a few editable ones
  • Word wall letters and header
  • A welcome pennant banner
  • Several pennant/bunting banners
  • Book basket labels
  • A behavior clip chart
  • An interactive calendar
  • A birthday chart with an editable birthday card
  • Newsletter templates for every month
  • Name labels for desks
  • Schedule cards 
  • Job cards
  • Table numbers
  • Basic classroom forms - checklists, class lists, sub tub stuff, etc. 
  • AND more. Lots more.

Here are a few peeks:

I've also already adopted some things from The First Grade Parade - like her cute Meet the Teacher packet stuff. I made it my own, but I DEFINITELY borrowed her stuff to get me there. :) Her stuff is amazing and I have no idea when that lady sleeps. Or eats. Or does anything for that matter. I can't share these because of font copyright stuff, but you can get an idea of what my back to school forms will look like and what they will say. I totally and completely took Cara's "What is My Child Learning in 1st Grade" sheet because it is spot on with its explanations. I'm very thankful to her for sharing such cute, professional ideas!

As you can see, I am already fully involved in the first grade teacher thing. TpT is having a massive sale today and tomorrow and I have taken FULL advantage of that to stock up my cabinets for this fall. CANNOT WAIT!!

I've also put my entire store on sale - an additional 10% off - or whatever the maximum was that I could do, so go check me out!

Science Fair posts to come in about 2 weeks!!