Tuesday, October 1, 2013

eDay with Edmodo

My school district requires an eDay - a day where the students do not come to school, but class is still in session via the Internet. Ahh, the Internet. It's strange that these kids are growing up in an era where not knowing something is unheard of. Need to know when Captain Crunch was invented? GOOGLE IT! Need to know the answer to a math problem? GOOGLE IT! Need to know what kind of rash you have on your foot? GOOGLE IT! I mean, it's incredible - we really do have the world at our fingertips. These kids have no idea how easy they have it!! I mean, remember the days when we had to use a card catalog to find a book? They won't ever know that. Weird.

I really love this idea of having an eDay. But I tell ya, it was really difficult coming up with an activity that wasn't just busywork. Enter Edmodo. Edmodo is the Facebook of the teaching world and I LOVE it. I have only been on a handful of times and I cannot tell you how super helpful it has been.

We are right in the middle of our ecosystem study. I love it. We make ecocolumns, complete with crickets, fish, rolly pollies, and snails. The kids really enjoy it and they love learning about animals and different places all over the world. I have to admit that it's one of my favorites, too! {Properties of Matter definitely steals the show, though.} To accompany our ecosystem study, I wanted to do something related to ecosystems. I have two ideas - the first has to do with going outside and viewing a mini "ecosystem" by walking outside and marking off a 4' x 4' square. Students will be challenged to think about how this section of earth is actually an ecosystem. I have a sheet that students will use to make their observations. They will answer questions such as, "What living organisms can you see?" and "What living organisms might there be in this square that you cannot see?" and different questions that deal with the mini EcoSquare that they've created. It's a great way for students to see that ecosystems can be very small, not just humongous.

Now - knowing my luck, it will rain that day, so I've also uploaded an assignment that they can complete online. I found a great website that has lots of information about food chains and food webs and also has a food chain game that students can play that reinforces key concepts. I think it's fabulous.

I really, really like Edmodo. You can upload assignments, create quizzes, and have students complete these things right there on the page. It's very similar in format to Facebook, but it's for education. I highly recommend it if you are not on there because it's a great place for educators to collaborate. I've gotten lots of help on there, including the idea to use Class Dojo as a behavior management system - which is working like a charm, by the way.

If you decide to join the Edmodo world, look me up! I'd be honored to have more teacher connections on there!!  https://bwf.edmodo.com/profile/13870857


  1. You know, while I love the idea of an eDay in theory and have often wished my district would do the same, I'm just now starting to realize the struggle of that as a science teacher. It WOULD be very difficult to come up with activities that didn't feel like busy work. Interesting post -- thanks for sharing!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  2. I have been using Edmodo for about three years now and would be LOST without it. I love having the capability of being able to add folders in there with videos, links, and documents for my kids to always refer back to. It's safe, the parents can also join and can see what their child is up to, the possibilities are endless! We use Edmodo every single day in my class.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'