Saturday, March 23, 2013


So it's almost that time of year. It's standardized testing time! Every teacher's FAVORITE! Ok, no.

But seriously, I have been worried about this time of the year since the beginning of the school year because I am terrified of these things. I just don't like the thought of the possibility that my kids won't do well on it. And there is ALWAYS that possibility, no matter how hard you try. And especially being a first year teacher. It is what it is though and there isn't really much I can do once those tests hit the desks.

I am going on maternity leave soon, too, which makes it even more nerve-wracking for me because I won't even be there to help review. I do, however, have a fabulous sub and I am 100% prepared for her to take over. I created a little packet that has a few tips and tricks for students to try and spot as they are taking their tests. Because, you know those test-making meanies LOVE to try and trick our buddies. Let's do this!

My test-prep packet is obviously centered towards fifth grade science, specifically the Alabama COS, but you could use it to get some ideas on how to maybe put together your own little packet to help prepare your students for the looming tests that are fast approaching.

Click here to download this freebie.

Hope it helps. Happy testing. Ugh.

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