Sunday, June 30, 2013

Classroom Cuteness

Along with getting a new classroom, I wanted to revamp my classroom decor. I didn't really have a theme last year and this year, I wanted to add a little cuteness to my classroom. I'm very excited to use my new decorations! I'm still sticking to the basics since I teach solely science, but I'm using lots of bright colors - especially green since I associate the color green with science. For whatever reason.

I put my decor pack on TpT, though I'm not sure how many other teachers teach only science. Here's a peek:

I love it and I can't wait to get it all up in my room, along with a few other things I'm thinking about. I am venturing to the good ole' neighborhood Old Time Pottery to get a few summertime lanterns, since they'll be going on summer clearance soon. I have several succulents that will look really cute in those lanterns. I'm also thinking about making a few poms for the ceiling and I've also purchased a hanging mobile. I saw on Pinterest where lots of teachers are gettin frames from Dollar Tree and spray painting them. Genius. And duh. Why couldn't I think of that myself?! Anyway, I'm getting some of those and will be putting classroom odds and ends in them. Hopefully, that'll spruce the place up a little.

I can't get in my room until the first of August because my school is getting a new roof, but as soon as I can get in, I'll be working hard getting it cute and then I'll share some pics.

Getting closer! Are you ready? 

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