Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back in Action - Exploring the Scientific Method

I'm baaaack! YAY! I have a helper today. Daddy is off work and he's on major daddy duty this morning while I pump out some school stuff.

Quick update - my school has decided that we need a change of scenery. I'm moving rooms. Wowzas! No small feat when you're a science teacher...But nonetheless, it's getting done. We have to be out by this Friday because - for extra fun - we're getting a new roof. So everything in my section of the school has to be completely removed since everything will be exposed to the elements once they start on the roof. So - EVERY teacher in the school has to pack up their classrooms - even those that aren't in my section - because we have to have a place to store the stuff from the classrooms that are affected. For any other school in the country - I would say "IMPOSSIBLE!" - but for us, PFFF. This is a walk in the park. We're getting it done and it's all good. I'm actually looking forward to a new room, a fresh start. Updates to follow! I can't get back in my room until August, so pics of said new room won't be available until then.

I am rockin' and rollin' with a new scientific method approach. I was a mess last year and didn't really focus on what I should have when introducing the scientific method and variables. I felt rushed to make sure I got "everything" in. Whatever that was. But now I have a clear understanding of how much time I have to get "everything" done and I feel much better about it. I made a little packet of fun activities that can easily and efficiently introduce both the scientific method and variables. I also found a SUPER FANTABULOUS activity that I will definitely be using. It's a paper airplane activity that is perfect for variables. I mean, what 5th grader wouldn't LOVE throwing paper airplanes in class?! Click here for that experiment.

Check out my variables experiment packet on TpT! Here's a peek:

It's so great to be back in action. My posts will still be few and {not too} far between since I have a little chicken to look after this summer, but I am definitely plugging away at my Light Unit that I've been hollering about for almost a year now - and I've also got a new take on my Human Body Unit that I'm working on. So - not to worry - I'm not going anywhere! I will just be here less frequently as I get acclimated to my baby girl's ever-changing schedule.

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